Sphero Robotics FUN MAT 1, 84" x 48"

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The Sphero systems inspires the creators of tomorrow with a STEAM-based tool-set that weaves hardware, software, and community engagement to promote 21st century skills. Our "Sphero Fun Mat 1" provides a wide range of challenging tasks for your Sphero Bot including number sequence, color matching, path following and commands, and more. Your students will be provided with a great platform of learning and mastering Sphero. Learn more at https://www.sphero.com.

Some examples of what can you do with this mat?

Follow the Yellow Road: Train and guide your Sphero along the yellow path. Work on precision and speed. Give each robot 10 points to finish. Deduct 1 point for each you leave the path. Give each robot 5 points for the fastest speed per cycle.

Number Challenges:

  • Find the correct Answer: Give your students a math problem and have them navigate to the correct answer. 
  • Matching Colors: Code and maneuver to all the matching colors. 
  • Even Numbers: Code and maneuver to all the odd numbers. 
  • Odd Numbers: Code and maneuver to all the off numbers. 
  • Count the Number Circle Ways:  Get four dice. Put one or two robots by the start star. Roll the dice and be the first one to get to the rolled number (anything over 20 is 20). Roll again do drive to the new number. Track who gets to each number first. Then compete by driving to each green, the blue, then orange, etc.  See who can go to all circles in by touching each set of matching colors. Do the same with even/odd numbers.

The Five Station Fun Path:  Move to each station and start by following the directions. Then go back and write more complicated actions. Push yourself to the Sphero limit! As with the others, time your work for the best speeds.

Number Line Challenges: 

  • Drive to a specific Distance and back. 
  • Drive a combination of distances and back. 


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