About Us

A Trusted Partner In Educational Supplies For Over 60 Years!


Since 1960, our journey began with Fred Geyer, a visionary math teacher from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fred's ingenuity led to the creation of a simple rubber stamp with a graphing grid to aid in a reusable math tool for his classroom. Over time he developed the relationships to get his useful tools in the hands of other teachers, listening to their classroom needs and expanding his offerings.

Over the decades, Fred's commitment to listening to teachers' needs propelled our company's growth, evolving into a trusted provider of educational supplies for Math, Science, STEM, and Robotics.

In 2011, we mourned the loss of Fred, but his legacy continues to inspire us. Nearly 70 years later, we remain dedicated to honoring Fred's vision by empowering teachers worldwide with the tools they need to foster educational excellence in their classroom.

In 2015 Geyer’s continuously growing operation moved to Cincinnati, OH. While we became a distributor in teaching aids, supplies and manipulatives from companies around the world, we still continue to produce many of our own math and graphing products.