BRICKED Mars Mania, FLL Size (92.75x44.75 inches)

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SKU: 199742
  • Works with most robots!
  • Printed on durable 13oz matte vinyl
  • Fits on any standard FLL Size table, measures 92.75" x 44.75"
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Be the first human to explore Mars with this mat from the mind of BrickEd. Launch from base and move supplies to needed areas. Prepare your living habitat before heading back to the launch pad to ascend back to the International Space Station. Along the way you can explore the terrain the crater, climb the volcano, and analyze the polar ice for future missions. So get on board for the Mars Mania adventure.

* FLL Size (92.75x44.75 inches)
* Printed on durable matte vinyl
* Active elements are keyed to the seven EV3 named colors.


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