EMPOWERMAT, Robotics Mat For Visually Impaired, Cargo Connect, 45" x 79.5"

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SKU: FLL2021
  • This Lego Robotics mat presents a challenge in a visually enhanced format
  • Printed on highly durable matte vinyl
  • FLL Size: 45" x 79.5"
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All the resources for FIRST LEGO League current challenges are here: https://www.firstlegoleague.org/season#resources

Our accessible version of the 2021 FLL Competition mat allows visually impaired and blind students to successfully complete their missions. Empower Mats works with The Maryland School of the Blind through a grant from the Vision Advancement Foundation of Oklahoma to develop solutions to enable visually impaired and blind children to excel in student robotics programs. Our expertise and unique processes have enabled the teams in Maryland and other schools to excel in these events.


How? Let's learn more. The official FIRST LEGO League mat provides an engaging visual environment for sighted students. For visually impaired and color-blind students it presents a confusing image, and it does not provide any tactile guidance for low vision and blind students.


Empower Mats Accessible Symbolics process reduces the colors to large, clear areas and makes all robot guidance lines black. The base accessible mat's colors can be easily viewed with any of the major categories of color-blindness make it accessible to wide range visual abilities.


An optional tactile overlay can be added to surface, giving students the ability to touch the mat to understand missions and relationships allowing them to use their existing tools to measure actual distances and relationships.


The 2020 challenge mat was tested with these wonderful students, and they were so excited to be able to understand the full-size mat via touch.


We also adapted the provided worksheet so it can be printed locally with tactile printers.


Get an accessible mat today for your visually impaired or blind students and help them succeed!

  • Printed in full color
  • Printed on 13 oz outdoor matte vinyl
  • Fits in a standard FLL competition table or can be used on the floor. (44.75"x92.75" apx)


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