Wonder Workshop Whiteboard Mat for Sketch Kit

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  • Perfect Addition to the Sketch Kit.
  • 100" x 52" for group or solo creativity. Double Sided Dry Erase: Grid for precision, blank for freeform.
  • Roll out for a ready-to-use dry erase surface.
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Wonder Workshop Whiteboard Mat for Sketch Kit – Unleash Creativity With Every Stroke!

Experience innovation and creativity at its finest with the Robotics Whiteboard Mat, specially designed for use with the Wonder Workshop’s Sketch Kit. 

Key Features:  Dry Erase Both Sides: Convenient dry erase surface on both sides. Use the grid side for precision or switch to the blank side for freeform expression.

Grid on One Side, Blank on the Other: Whether you're sketching diagrams, plotting coordinates, or letting your imagination run wild, this whiteboard mat adapts to your needs.

Extra-Large Dimensions: Unleash your creativity on a grand scale! Measuring 100" x 52", this mat provides an expansive canvas for your ideas to come to life. It's perfect for group activities, collaborative projects, or solo exploration.

Instant and Durable: Roll out this mat, and watch the magic unfold! Instantly transform any surface into a durable dry erase canvas, ready for the Dash robot or any tabletop robotics system that uses a dry erase marker.

Whiteboard Mat Key Features:

  • Perfect companion for the Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot and other tabletop robotics systems.
  • Promotes hands-on learning and STEM education.
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting use.
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Unlock the potential of interactive learning with the Wonder Workshop Whiteboard Mat for Sketch Kit. Elevate your educational experience and foster a love for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Get ready to draw, code, and explore.

Order yours now and revolutionize the way you learn, play, and code! 




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