Turn For Angle Robotics Challenge Mat, FLL Size 44.75" x 92.75"

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  • Mat can be used for lessons that require robots to turn at specific angles
  • Printed on highly durable matte vinyl
  • Fits on any standard FLL Size table, measures 44.75"x92.75"
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This mat was created to be used with any of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Programming lessons. However, it can be used with any programming lessons that require a robot to turn for a specific angle.
The protractors have been sized to match the size of an EV3 robot but can be used with any robot. The square in the middle will allow students using the standard EV3 robot base to accurately measure any right angle turn.
Simply have the students lower the arm of the robot and it will align with the square. When the robot turns you can see if the arm align with any of the other sides of the square. This mat can accommodate eight teams of students on a competition sized table.

Robot Mats are ideal for a quick and quality solution for teaching students robotics and coding. Easy to use on the floor or on a table.  Saves time and money; no longer need to create your own course or place electrical tape on the floor.
  • Printed in full color on high quality 13oz outdoor matte vinyl
  • Number/Letter coordinates on top and right.
  • Fits in a standard FLL competition table or can be used on the floor. (44.75x92.75 inches apx)



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