Infinity Walk Roll-Out Activity Mat

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  • Learn how this Infinity Walk Method benefits students, patients, children & adults.
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This portable roll-out activity mat can be used inside and out!


Portable Path SIZE: 60″ X 110″


The Infinity Walk Roll-Out Mat made from heavy-duty vinyl that is waterproof.  Roll it out indoors and outside, on the carpet, tile, and cement.


The Infinity Walk Roll-out Mat Benefits 

Walking represents a developmental activity with an infinite number of possibilities.


What is it?

The Infinity Walk method also called “figure-eight walking”, is, in fact, a figure-eight pattern a person must walk on while keeping his/her eyes on an object or person and his/her head turned at a 90-degree angle.


What can it do?

Walking along this pattern stimulates the simultaneous management of one's senses: movement, sight, hearing, thinking, speaking.


What are the developmental benefits associated with the Infinity Walk?

    • Improves communication between the two hemispheres of one's brain as well as both sides of his/her body.
    • Increased complete and automatic coordination of the body.
    • Improves the ability to control both eyes together as well as one's capacity to visually track an object or person.

    What are the functional benefits associated with the Infinity Walk?

      • Prepares the brain for learning.
      • Improves concentration and the ability to reason efficiently.
      • Improves coordination for sports involving a ball or other moving object.

      What is the origin of the method?

      Created by Dr. Sunbeck, a psychologist, Infinity Walk was initially used for therapeutic benefits at a neurological level. The pattern was used globally to make learning cognitive and motor skills easier.


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