Human Skin Model, 70x Enlarged - with Hand Painted Details

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  • Model depicts the three layers of the skin and internal structures
  • 70X life size
  • Hand painted Model with details and identification numbers
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Human Skin Model, 70x Enlarged - with Hand Painted Details

 This human skin model is used for anatomical study, and is 70X life size for display of dermatological structures depicting the three layers of the skin and internal structures for detailed examination, including the sebaceous and sweat glands, hair follicles, erector muscles, arteries, nerves, and veins.

  • Hand-painted for accurate representation, and is numbered and includes a key card for identifying features.
  • Mounted on a base for demonstration purposes, and is made of durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic-coated fiberglass.
  • Details identified: Epidermis, dermis, Subcutaneous Fat / Hyporderm, Stratum basale, Stratum spinosum, Stratum granulosum, Stratum lucidum, Stratum corneum, Pore, Papillary layer of dermis, Recticular layer of dermis, Cortex, Arrector pilorium muscle, Sebaceous Gland, Sweat Gland, Meissners Corpuscle (touch), Pacinian corpuscle (pressure), Free nerve ending, Ruffini endings, cutaneous nerve, cutaneous artery, cutaneous vein, hair, follicle sheath, external root sheath, internal root sheath, precuticular epithelium, cortex, hair bulb, hair papilla. 
  • Suitable for high school or college students (ages 13+).

Measures 1" tall, 7.25" long and 11" wide. Base measures 1" tall, 9" long and 13" wide. 


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