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  • This is a SUPER fun game to learn the FUN-da-Mentals of fractions and get your kids moving at the same time!
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Our Pizza Fractions game mat is definitely the most fun any child will have with fractions guaranteed! 



Speedy Pizza Delivery
(Favorite with our Jump2math program)


Place half your pizza boxes right side up and the other half upside down in the middle of the pizza mat.


Goal: to be the first team to place a pizza box on the correct fraction pizza.


Organize 2 teams
NIGHT DELIVERY – Their boxes will be upside down (showing the black side)
DAY DELIVERY – Their boxes will be right side up (showing the lighter side)


Instruct kids to stand on any one of the squares outside the pizza mat and either hop, skip, jog, crawl, dance around the mat. When you call PIZZA! one child from each team will rush to the middle and grab their pizza box.
Call out the fraction they need to place their pizza box on.
The first team to place their pizza box on the correct fraction gets to keep their pizza box on their pizza.


Kindergarten-Grade 1
Example questions: Can you find a pizza with 2 slices? 4 slices? A whole pizza?


Grade 5-8
Ask more challenging fractions: ¼ or problems from the grade-specific cards

All team members help each other to find the fraction.


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