Dry Erase Graph Magnet - 1" Number Line with XY Axis

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Dry Erase Magnet features 1" Number and XY axis.  Will stick to any metal or magnetic surface; i.e., magnetic white board or chalkboard!  The 23" x 24" size makes it perfect for in class demonstrations, at the board work or student group projects.  The 1" squares are emphasized in 5s for easy reading with a bold XY axis. The vertical number line runs from +11 to -11. Excellent features for any student and teacher! 

  • Dry Erase Graph Magnet features 1" Number Line and bold XY Axis
  • 1" squares; emphasized in 5s for easier reading. Vertical number line runs from +11 to -11.
  • Perfect interactive tool for demonstrations and small group work.


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