Drone Landing Mat, Shape Target, Star (Various Sizes and Substrates)

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  • Provides the perfect protection for your drone with these drone landing mats.
  • All drone landing mat materials are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.
  • Want a mat with your logo or custom image or custom size, contact us today!
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This high quality drone landing mat provides the perfect protection for your drone, ensuring your drones stay away from messy landing situations.Such as:debris, gravel, rock, dusty, wet , and unkown accident.  With spacious landing pads, make your drone to land easily without deviation.  


Our drone landing mats come in a variety of sizes and available substrates.


All drone mats come with grommets in each corner of the mat. 


Substates available include:

  • Highly Durable Vinyl 
  • 4MM Corrugated Plastic
  • 3MM PVC

All drone landing mat materials are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. 

12-Month Worry-Free Warranty, 30-Day No Reason Refund and Free Lifetime Technical Support. 


Want something Custom? Custom Drone mat size? Custom Print for your cone drone landing pad? Contact us today!



Great Quality            Fade Resistant           Waterproof



Vinyl Option



Metal Stakes (Pack of 4) 


According to Treveor Hall from Let Us Drone (7/29/2019):

"Dones are continually getting more expensive and advanced, so it's a great idea to try and protect your drone as much as you can. Drone landing pads help to prevent damage to your drone...they can certainly help extend the life of your drone and bring several quality of life improvements, particularly for first-time fliers.  


It's widely known that most accidents occur during take-off or landing and drone landing pads can help pilots by providing extra support for users operating on unsettled terrain. You've heard reports of drones crashing into sand, getting propellers stuck in mud or getting cameras scratched or smashed due to messy landings. Well, drone landing pads can prevent all of this while also bringing about public awareness and helping out at night with landmark lighting."


"One of the best things a drone landing pad can do for you is to protect your drone. Quadcopters, propellers, guards, and cameras can all be expensive and you'll want to avoid having to replace them frequently as the costs can quickly spiral out of control.


Flying around grass, water, mud or sand can pose a danger to your drone as there's always a small chance that something can enter one of the motors and damage your drone. In other cases, grass, rocks, mud or dust can sometimes block propellers, leading to accidents that may severely damage your drone. 


A drone landing pad can prevent all of this from happening as it provides you with a solid area to launch off and land on. You won't have to worry about landing on uneven ground, on grass or sticky mud. And you won't have to worry about your propellers blowing sand or dust around, potentially getting into your eyes or scratching your camera. 


Drone landing pads are stable surfaces and they provide pilots with enough area that these sorts of problems quickly become nil. As we mentioned above, these landing pads can stop your propellers and other accessories from getting scratched up and can actually save you a fair amount of money in the long-run."




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