Dinosaur Sensory Path

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  • Kids of all ages will LOVE hopping through JUMP2MATH's dinosaur SENSORY circuit and at the same time get a much needed brain break.
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Kids love dinosaurs – It's a universal rule. Chances are, you know an adult or a child who can tell you everything there is to know about dinosaurs. JUMP2MATH also has a Jurassic Jump game they rolled out in school gymnasiums daily and is a smash hit with all ages. Students cheerfully educate you on each dinosaur's name and even know what they eat. With over 80 elements, there is something for all students to marvel over. No duct tape can create this path as every colorful element has been carefully designed to engage.

Dinosaur Suggested Layout

SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 138 inches



This set includes:

    • 1 Large Volcano (suggested wall placement)
    • 2 Jump Over lava lakes or used for infinity walk
    • 1 Wall dinosaur eye
    • 1 Start Stone
    • 1 Finish Stone
    • 20 Directional Stone Carved Arrows
    • 8 Hop-On Fossils
    • 2 Amber-Encased Mosquitos
    • 6 Wall dino claw prints
    • 8 Giant Footprints preserved in Mud
    • 10 Bone Numbers  ( 1-10 )
    • 26 Letters carved in stone ( A – Z )
    • 5 Bone Number Boulders
    • 11 Dinosaur Eggs


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