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  • Imagine how your students will feel when they enter the classroom to see wild animals from around the WORLD!
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Imagine how your students will feel when they enter the classroom to see wild animals from around the WORLD! 

DeskMATES are a new teaching tool developed during challenging times to support teachers and students in schools across North America.

DeskMATES can be used to support positive student behavior, improve self-regulation and fine motor skills and passively improve psychological well-being by adding some familiarity and fun! 

DeskMATES are a versatile tool, Scroll down to learn more…


We know kids can be tough on classroom manipulatives so we made them tougher!



Product Breakdown

Each DeskMATE comprises 2 pieces: Desktop Guide & Animal Graphic


Desktop Guide

Ruler – labeled in CM and INCH – measure objects around the class – incorporate simple math.
Alphabet – trace lines for fine motor skill development.
4 Zones of Regulation – evidence-based “feeling zones” used as an emotional/behavioral guidance tool.
Dry Erase Nameplate – Students become an “official” park ranger for…
Alphabetized Animal Pals – fun animals that match their names with the corresponding alphabet below – mnemonic tool.
Durable & Cleanable – safe cleaning with alcohol, soapy water, or any other district-approved cleaner


Animal Graphic

Words of Inspiration – each animal contains a unique short saying that empowers by instilling positive behaviors and confidence.
Unique Animal – found from different habitats around the world – students can choose who to represent and identify with.
Promotes Psychological Well-Being – adds color – familiar/natural scenery boosts moods – our environments can raise or lower our stress levels!
Waterproof and Tear-Resistant.  Deskmates can be taken outdoors for your outdoor classroom!
Zero Footprint – Takes up no extra classroom wall or floor space


More Ideas

    • Reward positive behavior with your own system like GBG Good Behavior Game.
    • Quick and easy messages of encouragement right on their very own personal desk.
    • Motivate students to pursue a variety of goals, from homework to good behavior, sticker badges, dry erase area to personalize with name, numbers or anything you want!
    • Customize your DeskMATES with your own behavior management/character system. PBIS, Virtues, or the Pillars of Character in any areas with dry-erase or permanent markers.

    Technical information

    DeskMATES are made from 2 pieces:
    1. A vinyl front graphic 24″ x 25″ (Hangs freely)
    2. An adhesive decal Desktop Helper 24″ x 7″
    Installation in 3 easy steps; instructions will be included with every order.
    The Desktop Helper holds the vinyl graphic at the front of the desk. (About 1.5″ overlap)
    The Desktop Helper is dry-erase and contains various teaching tools.


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