Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game Mat

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  • Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game is challenging, physical, and always FUN!
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Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game is challenging, physical, and always FUN! Kids will play this game for hours…  literally. 




GIANT: 92 inches x 242 inches, 233 cm x 614 cm
SCHOOL: 60 inches x 158 inches, 152 cm x 401 cm
HOME: 36 inches x 95 inches, 91 cm x 241 cm


Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game was created to encourage kids to use their problem-solving skills while having FUN at the same time.

Players: 2-20
Required for all games:
die or dice
Required for some games:


Sit On It!  (most popular math aerobics game)

Organize two teams. One player from each team rolls a die…both dice land…10 and 2 are shown! Both players eagerly wait for the leader to call the operation. Will it be subtraction? addition? multiplication? or division?
They quickly make calculations in their heads to prepare.
The leader shouts multiplication!
Both calculate the product (sometimes with the help of their teammates), and run to the end of the mat and return to sit on their answer, 20.

Movement variations on the mat:
backward crab, skipping, jumping, backward walk, sideways shuffle, crawling on feet and hands, jumping frog…


Reach for the Stars!

Organize two teams. The team who rolled the highest number on one die goes first. The object is to have the most points by the end of the game. The Cosmic game mat goes up to 36. There can be a time limit, an agreed number of rounds or until all the spaceships/markers are placed to end the game.

Each team takes turns by rolling three dice. They then add, multiply, subtract, and divide the 3 numbers they roll to obtain the largest number possible (up to 36). Working together, using their mental math skills, each team agrees on the highest number available and places their marker on the game board. In the end, the team with the highest score wins by adding all the numbers covered with their spaceships/markers.


Blast Off!

Organize two teams. The team who rolled the highest number on one die rolls first. You can use two or three dice for this game depending on their age. Kids can make the same calculations as “Reach for the Stars”. The object of the game is to score the most points.

They score points by placing their spaceships on both the green and purple numbers. Doing so will earn them 10 points. Until a team has markers on both numbers, the opposing team can take the other coloured number thereby blasting the other team's spaceship off that number. Kids love blasting their opponents' ship off the board! For younger kids, use just the face value of the dice.

Included:  High-resolution graphics for spaceships.  Print, cut and laminate. Glue on thin foam sheets for extra durability.
Option: Use your own markers!


Youngest students are able to:

    • demonstrate an understanding of numbers (matching numbers,
      finding numbers etc.)
    • reinforce the concept of counting forwards and backward
    • practice one-to-one correspondence with counting

    Students in grade 1 and up:

      • develop/reinforce math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication,
      • develop problem-solving skills
      • cooperate as a team to ensure that all members learn together


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