CoDrone EDU Set of 4 Propellers

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SKU: 222226
  • A new set of 4 CoDrone EDU propellers.
  • Includes 2 red front propellers and 2 black rear propellers.
  • Great for replacing any damaged propellers.
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A new set of 4 CoDrone EDU propellers. Replace your old or damaged propellers to make sure your CoDrone EDU flies and hovers properly. This set includes 2 red propellers for the front and 2 black propellers for the rear. Follow along with our Replacing Propellers video on Basecamp to see how to replace your CoDrone EDU propellers.

Directionality of the propellers is important. Propellers with an 'F' on the underside indicate a clockwise (CW) propeller, and propellers with an 'R' indicate a counter-clockwise (CCW) propeller.


  • 4 Propellers: 2 red (1 CW, 1 CCW)  |  2 black (1 CW, 1 CCW)



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