Ballers Grade 5

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  • Watch as your fifth grade students shoot, score, and solve their way to math mastery while having a blast.
  • Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators
  • Join the excitement and unleash the power of learning with Ballers today!
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Get your class Balling with this fun, interactive, math game that get's students shooting to learn! Students will meet multiple standards all while shooting towards achievement!

Ballers comes with 1 Basketball hoop with 4 corners that have Loop. 0-20 dry erase game cards with 1 storage bag. 10 blank dry erase game cards with 1 storage bag. Use these to meet any learning target! 1 basketball. 2 blue dry erase markers, 2 red dry erase markers, 1 bin. The game comes with 1 Lesson Plan and 1 professional learning video for your specific grade level.

Learning Target Met

I can compare numbers 0-10. I can identify if a group is greater than, less than, and equal to. I can add two numbers. I can solve story problems. The possiblities are endless with the Blank Dry Erase Baller Game Cards, it becomes any standard met!


Eduscize is a research-based curriculum that turns an ordinary classroom into a fun, engaging, learning environment that promotes the health and well-being of every child through standards based kinesthetic learning.

The mission of Eduscize is to inspire and motivate a generation of learners to a new way to achieve; academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.


  • To motivate students to connect academic competition to fitness competition.
  • To increase our student math achievement through kinesthetic learning.
  • To inspire students to value their personal, social and emotional health while embracing a growth mindset.
  • Drop the tech and get outside!
  • Increase our students’ motivation to reach 60 minutes of daily activity.


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