1" Grid with Numbered Axis Low-Tac Peel & Stick Graph

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1" Numbered Axis Low-Tac Dry erase Graph features a dry-erase film with a low-tack adhesive backing. The material adheres to smooth, flat surfaces. Leaves no residue behind! 23" wide x 24" high size is ideal for demonstrations or at-the-board work. Features a black grid with 1" squares. The bold X and Y axis is numbered.

  • Low Tac Graph features 1" squares on a bold, numberered, XY axis. 
  • Numbered XY Axis ranges from +11 to -11
  • Laminated, dry erase graph is made for long term use.
  • 24" x 24" in size
For the deluxe repositionable version of this product go to 181310 - 1" Squares Numbered Axis Easy Cling
5.0 out of 5 stars
In study skills I end up sketching a lot of graphs on the whiteboard (giant sticky notes with grids on them are too expensive to use all the time) and always am saying, "...pretend that the numbers are spaced evenly" or "if they were spaced evenly you would see that...". Now with my magnetic coordinate plane, there's no more pretending!


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